Site Security & Maintenance

Security & Maintenance

What is the point of having 400 acres of land and not grow something on it? We ask the same question of our clients when it comes to taking on the task of building a monumental web site project. To only sit and collect virtual dust? If you build it they might come, but probably not.

Without a proper site maintenance plan you are basically throwing good money down the drain. This not to mention keeping your site secure over time.

Look Designs already maintains a stable of web site every month and has the know how to maintain your web site as well. We believe that every web site deserves that same attention that the fortune 500 companies give their web sites for a fair price.

Look Designs will keep your web site secure and up to date for a reasonable price month in and month out. Our site security and maintenance plans start at $175.00/month.

When you stop to think about it remember this, you’ve already made the investment of time, money and effort to build the site. And in today’s ever-evolving mobile space, can you really afford not to be up to date and secure?

Security & Maintenance Services

Module and base code updates
Site fixes and content updates
24/7 Web site monitoring for malicious code breaches
Routine database back ups