Search & Social

Search & Social

As with any thing in this world it has to be maintained. That is to say if you want it to grow and bear fruit. Out here we watch the care, patience, skill and effort it takes to process a plain dirt field into a blooming summer harvest.

It is with this perspective that Look Designs has been offering Search placement services for our clients for the past 6 years. We have watched time and again the “get on the first page now” Google schemers take advantage of their bosses good will or a small business owners lack of knowledge of what it takes to be search successful. trying to get to the top of Google making outlandish claims in the process.

Look Designs has consistently consulted with our clients on what is the best route to take to enhance their social networking standings, we have made proven recommendations for improved reputation management strategies. As well as created real sustainable growth for our client’s businesses month after month.

We have watched our clients search and social standings plummet when they have been swayed by less educated marketing advice. Only to be contracted to restore what was lost.

Look Designs continues to bring proven search and marketing strategies to the table for our clientele. We watch our clients bear the fruit in either sales or market growth from our proven track record of consistent Google placement and social marketing efforts.

We have continually outperformed our competition and proven time and again that the overnight schemers are just in it to take your money. However, Look Design believes and operates all of our search and social services under the premise that when you make money we make money.

Search and Social

Content marketing for search and social networks
Site analysis and analytical breakdowns
Business Reputation management
Meta data capitalization
Customer out-reach initiatives