About Look Designs


What Makes Look Designs Different?

We hear that question from our potential customers all the time, and we don’t blame them for asking. As a small boutique design firm nestled in the mountains of Utah, we are able to work very closely with our clients.

We know the market is saturated with companies that are “here today, gone tomorrow.” Unfortunately, many of our clients who have invested time and money into these companies find themselves with little to show for their investment. They are looking for direction to move forward. So what makes us different?

We’ve Been Around for Awhile

We have always been able to moved forward by flawlessly merging design and technology. We stand out in our industry because of our combined experience in print, advertising, design and the latest web technologies. This distinction might not seem important, because customers generally make the leap that all company’s who build websites understand design. However, that is NOT always the case.

At Look Designs we have assembled an experience team to give you the best results for your marketing dollars. Our print designers understand the finite details of color, topography, and printing terms to help your print project run smoothly. Our technology designers understand how to merge design with code that is clean, secure and best optimized for the search engines.

We Do Not Follow the Crowd and Every Trendy Idea

It seems there is always an attitude among web design firms to “adopt this trend or your site will die.” Look Designs believes in sustainability in all that we do for our clients. This is not just a trendy catch phrase because the crowd says we should. From our design processes to the coding initiatives we embrace for every project, our clients can be confident Look Designs recommendations will last. We believe in growth strategies that work, no matter what the crowd says.

We Succeed When you Succeed

Many times business owners can become overwhelmed by all the technology choices and design options available for their business presence. We’ve seen them try free or cheap solutions and become disappointed with the lack of results. Your customers will judge you based on the look and feel of your business presence. Often times your web space will be the first contact that potential customers make with your business. Cheap solutions can mean your business portrays a cheap image.

Consider the Fortune 500 companies who spend millions every year on design and content services. They understand that these services are very important, and that their web future ceases to exist as a Fortune 500 company without design and content services. That is not to say you won’t get any business without these services, but it might mean that you miss the mark with your most profitable audience.

We Want to Meet You

We want to help you create your own marketing plan and we want to work with you to implement that plan. It is overwhelming how many forms of communication are available. Look Designs will help your organization effectively target that specific audience you want to attract to your business.

We often hear of one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is thinking they can do it all by themselves. As such they will often times put all of their marketing efforts on the back burner until they have time to focus on it. We cannot urge our clients enough to let us help them in planning for a complete targeted approach to achieve real business growth.